This book is a work of fiction. The information contained within the covers of this book can be extremely dangerous, and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Neither the author nor the publisher advocate the use of any of the systems, products, materials, weapons, plans, or tactics presented herein. The use, manufacture or possession of certain systems, products, materials or weapons discussed herein may be illegal and quite possibly a felony punishable by death. The manufacture or use of certain systems, products, materials or weapons discussed herein by persons not familiar with them may cause serious personal injury or even death. Neither the author nor the publisher assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of the contents of this book.

The Author

Sandy Arbuthnot is a nom de plume. Those of you who have read the earliest fictional accounts of the “Great Game” will remember Mr. Arbuthnot as the hero in the book Greenmantle by John Buchan. In that classic 1916 tale, Greenmantle is a character patterned on Lawrence of Arabia (who was then fighting in the Arabian deserts) but who sees the “big picture” and dedicates himself to saving the European from extinction. Eighteen years later Agatha Christie used this surname for a fictional hero in her frivolous murder mystery Murder on the Orient Express — her thirty-third Hercule Poirot mystery.

Unguarded Stand Our Gates

Wide open and unguarded stand our gates,

Named of the four winds, North, South, East and West;

Portals that lead to an enchanted land

Of cities, forests, fields of living gold,

Vast prairies, lordly summits touched with snow,

Majestic rivers sweeping proudly past

The Arab’s date-palm and the Norseman’s pine—

A realm wherein are fruits of every zone,

Airs of all climes, for lo! throughout the year

The red rose blossoms somewhere — a rich land,

A later Eden planted in the wilds,

With not an inch of earth within its bound

But if a slave’s foot press it sets him free.

Here, it is written, Toil shall have its wage,

And Honor, honor, and the humblest man

Stand level with the highest in the law …

Wide open and unguarded stand our gates,

And through them presses a motley throng …

These bringing with them unknown gods and rites,

Those tiger passions, here to stretch their claws.

Accents of menace alien to our air …

O Liberty, White Goddess! Is it well

To leave the gates unguarded? On thy breast

Fold Sorrow’s children, soothe the hurts of fate,

Lift the down-trodden, but with hand of steel

Stay those who to thy sacred portals come

To waste the gifts of freedom. Have a care

Lest from thy brow the clustered stars be torn

And trampled in the dust …

— Thomas Bailey Aldrich, 1895


“Wisdom hath builded a house: she hath hewn out her seven pillars.”

Wisdom is in short supply in America today. The knowledge of the ages — including the Holy Bible — has been replaced by the “sound bite,” humanism and MTV. The Constitution is no longer required reading in our schools and even the Pledge of Allegiance has been removed from the classroom.

The spirit of historic America is being erased from our collective consciousness only to be replaced with a culture of mongrelization. If we do not return our country to the values and peoples of its founding then this country will very soon cease to exist.

Our problem is that mongrelization is the goal of our country’s leadership. They boast about it. And they predict complete success before the year 2020. They will allow nothing to stand in their way.

If we do nothing, our country will disappear.

If you believe in the United States and in our Constitution as the Founding Fathers created it, then you are today perceived as an enemy of the state.

The Carter presidency brought us tragedies of immense proportions but nothing on the scale of those visited upon us by William Jefferson Clinton. It is only under Clinton that American forces were used to target and murder American men, women and children at Waco. Waco was the worst cold blooded murder of Americans on our own soil in more than 100 years. In fact, the deaths at Waco were only eclipsed by the slaughter of American aboriginals at a place called Wounded Knee.

William Jefferson Clinton has engendered an ever-growing underground movement of tens of thousands of well armed American men and women who spend their weekends preparing themselves for battle against federal forces — or even federal troops. Hundreds of thousands more are quietly buying guns and ammunition in preparation for the inevitable judgment day.

I am not the first to use a line from The Book of Proverbs (9:1) as the title for a book. T. E. Lawrence used these words as the title for his illustrative work on the citizen’s revolt in the Arabian desert of eighty years ago.

Eighty years ago the people of Arabia were under the thumb of a crumbling Ottoman Empire which controlled every facet of their lives. Eighty years ago the people of Arabia rose up and fought their enslavers using every weapon available.

The difference between T. E. Lawrence’s poor souls of 1914 (or even the slaves of Stalin’s Soviet State of the 1930’s and 1940’s) and today’s enslaved Americans is the total invasiveness of our government and its computers. T. E. Lawrence became known as the “Emir of Dynamite” — and was able to lead bands of freedom fighters hundreds of miles from their base to attack the enemy at will. In Stalin’s Soviet Union the State’s secret intelligence organization — and its leader Lavrenti Beria — were unable to control the Soviet populace in anything but a very gross way and then only through the use of absolute terror.

Even in 1990 — at the peak of its power — the KGB had far less information on the average Soviet citizen than the FBI has on the average American citizen today.

In today’s America the FBI admits to monitoring more than 109 million American households. If you have (literally) even bought a dog license then you are in their files. We cannot escape the government’s gaze. We are closely monitored and therefore we really are controlled.

In a different age our country’s Founding Fathers called for us to work together to fight tyranny. Taking that advice today will get us killed.

The worst thing one can possibly do today is act as part of a group. By creating clusters of like-minded people we dramatically increase the government’s ability to hunt us down and neutralize us. The government monitors our money, our mail, our telephones, even our Internet access.

America’s future is in your hands. If we remain anonymous, if we remain but simple grains of sand in a sea of sameness we can end the tyranny. If we operate individually we cannot be stopped.

But be warned:

The Southern Poverty Law Center — an organization that carefully tracks Americans who oppose the destruction of America — reports that more than 100 anti-government “extremists” are now prosecuted every year and that in one year the number reached 131.

In many ways it does not matter if these people were ever convicted. The cost of their legal defense was probably enough to bankrupt each of them and ruin the rest of their lives.

In the federal cases against the survivors of Waco we discover that the jury found them innocent of the meaty charges and the jury forman, Sarah Bain, said:

“The federal government was absolutely out of control here. We spoke in the jury room about the fact that the wrong people were on trial, that it should have been the ones who planned the raid and orchestrated it and insisted on carrying out this plan who should have been on trial.”

This is not to say that the presiding federal judge released the Waco survivors to their families and children, on the contrary, Waco’s survivors got 40 years!

Special Agent Burdena Pasenelli of the Seattle office of the FBI has said:

“The most difficult thing for the government is making that determination — of when it is no longer rhetoric — when there’s gonna be action. The vast majority of these individuals are very dissatisfied for one reason or another and they talk and talk — but they don’t do anything — and they have no intention of doing anything. It’s just that very small pocket of them that start with talk but then move to take violent action that we’re interested in.”

In one case, five Los Angeles militia members were summarily arrested on minor charges and everything they possessed of a “military nature” was seized. They had been secretly monitored for two years and the police had photos of the five shooting at a public rifle range. These photos were taken by hidden surveillance cameras. Cmdr. Tim McBride of the Los Angeles Police Department said about the case:

“To have waited any longer would have invited a holocaust.”

In another case the government seized three Holy Bibles from a Christian’s home and used them as evidence for the prosecution.

John Trochman of the Militia of Montana has said:

“We question whether these people that have been indicted on something would have in fact done anything had it not been for pressure from what they had thought had been their peers. One in five that wishes to get involved in the militia movement is either an [FBI / BATF] agent or agent provocateur.”

Chris Peck, Editor of the Spokane Spokesman Review, who has spent a considerable amount of time researching “extremist” groups has said:

“I think there’s a spider web of interactivity that is connecting these people — like in a way that they have never been connected before. They are connected in a loose way — but in much more real way — than they ever have before. I think that what they have discovered is that the most effective way to be organized is to get a group together of half a dozen people — who have shared beliefs — and refer to some of these manuals that have been written about how to form a resistance — and to have these cells operate really autonomously from one another — in the sense that there’s not a centralized person out there.”

This is what we know:

• The government thinks that it has no alternative but to investigate and monitor each and every person who expresses, suggests, or even alludes to an anti-government attitude or belief. The government’s excuse is that it cannot possibly know ahead of time who will turn from talk to deed — and therefore they must watch everyone.

• A militia leader who has been under the thumb of the FBI for years suggests that one in five members a militia group may be a government informer.

• A leftist newspaper editor suggests that the perfect (for whom?) size for a “cell” is at least six.

• An ultra-leftist organization brags that the government has prosecuted and destroyed the lives of as many as 131 “extremists” in one year alone.

• Christian faith can be used as evidence of criminal intent.

The FBI recently admitted to listening in on more than 1.3 million telephone conversations a year. But it gets worse.

The FBI ordered America’s telephone companies to provide them with the capability to operate 60,000 simultaneous wiretaps “to support law enforcement.” We must understand that this terminology refers to the number of wiretaps in operation at any instant. A line that is not in use at a given moment is not counted as one of these taps. A 60,000 wiretap capability is enough to monitor more than 6,000,000 telephones. What are they planning?

The FBI has the capability to listen to and record every call we make or receive, in its entirety. The FBI can later use a computer to convert the recorded voices to printed text and then store the text for later recall. What’s worse is that the FBI can search these mounds of text not just by key words — e.g.”bomb” — but can use very sophisticated software to examine the entire message’s context. We might replace the word “bomb” with “carrot” and yet the context of the conversation will reveal to them our intent. The FBI can also score our calls for validity. If our call doesn’t make sense it will be flagged. Because phone lines are not active 24 hours a day one computer can be used to process the data from many phone lines. Only about 6,000 “home PC” type computers are needed to do the entire job. Lastly, because international calls have been recorded for many years, eventually they will find the time — and the money — to process all of our old calls they recorded over the years.

The FBI also monitors telephone billing records. They might not know the topic of our conversation but they know who we called and who called us. This is just our “Caller ID” system turned on its head. And our ability to block the information only stops us from getting it. The FBI gets it all. They have no legal requirement to get permission from us or anyone else to monitor these “toll records”.

The FBI is everywhere and is growing by the day:

1994 FBI Field Staff

District Field Staff
Albany 107
Albuquerque 112
Anchorage 46
Atlanta 314
Baltimore 333
Birmingham 108
Boston 375
Buffalo 163
Charlotte 161
Chicago 620
Cincinnati 133
Cleveland 271
Columbia 114
Dallas 376
Denver 204
Detroit 364
El Paso 125
Honolulu 122
Houston 434
Indianapolis 147
Jackson 92
Jacksonville 122
Kansas City 223
Knoxville 116
Las Vegas 161
Little Rock 101
Los Angeles 887
Louisville 130
Memphis 138
Miami 572
Milwaukee 122
Minneapolis 150
Mobile 90
New Haven 162
New Orleans 230
New York City 1,862
Newark 485
Norfolk 94
Oklahoma City 193
Omaha 116
Philadelphia 492
Phoenix 237
Pittsburgh 197
Portland 119
Richmond 105
Sacramento 155
Salt Lake City 236
San Antonio 263
San Diego 265
San Francisco 524
Seattle 171
Springfield 94
St. Louis 137
Tampa 217
Washington Metro 1,129

These data are from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, Syracuse University.

Today, the government can monitor everything about us — except only for that which goes on inside our heads.

The misguided psychotic Theodore John Kaczynski may have wounded 22 innocent people and killed three more over his two decade long bombing career. He would, probably, have never been stopped if he hadn’t blabbed his 35,000 word political manifesto to the world.

But the government will stop at almost nothing. Government documentation abounds that describes the training of U.S. Executive Branch covert assassination teams. One senior government official has stated that assassination has been “a pervasive topic of conversation and planning” of government agencies. In one case a government agency had a list of 58 people who were to be murdered. The number of people to be murdered under this one program was only trimmed because a bureaucrat decided that “even a smaller number, say 20, would be sufficient.” These murders — called “slotting” in the vernacular of government murder — are usually made to look like robberies or street crimes gone bad. These assassinations aren’t cheap — $150,000 is the acknowledged rate — and in one case the government reimbursed expenses that were an additional $11,000.

On June 5, 1997, in testimony before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime Louis Freeh, Director of the FBI, made a terrifying admission and said, “We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country.”

And the FBI is but one of more than a dozen agencies out to destroy anyone who does not believe in the future that has been planned for America.

The only way to win today is to act as an independent soldier. And the only way to survive is to remain completely anonymous.

This book is the first of seven — the seven pillars of our new wisdom.


The Wall — 1998.

It lays there in the dark like a sinuous black python fifty miles long.

It crawls from the surf of the Pacific Ocean, up the glistening white beach and then on to the east — over the rolling hills and toward the high mountain peaks at the southern extremity of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

It is all that stands between the health, beauty, and wealth of America and the disease, filth, and poverty of Mexico.

Three million pounds of steel and barbed wire.

For fifty miles this barrier is all that protects America from what — for more than a thousand years — have been one of the most violent people on earth.

And it isn’t enough.

Mexico is in utter disarray. It is no longer possible to discern what is drug cartel and what is Mexican Government. Our government has always told us that Mexico was a monolith — with singular direction and purpose. The truth is that Mexico has fractured and is today held together only by Mexican Army bayonets.

Mexico has a population of over 90 million but more than 25% of these people do not speak Spanish — instead they speak one of almost a hundred different Indian dialects. Most of these dialects are some form of Mixteco or Zapoteco — pre-Columbian tongues whose structure makes it extremely difficult for these people to transition to Spanish let alone English. Many of these Indians speak other even more primitive languages — including Triqui and Mam.

The dream is over. The only thing holding Mexico together today is — truly — the Mexican Army.

Unfortunately, the Mexican Army is up to its eyeballs in drugs, murder, kidnappings and more — and is on the verge of collapse. There will soon be another revolution in Mexico. The last Mexican revolution convulsed the country for ten years (1910 — 1920) and more than ten million people were killed. As the revolution boiled back and forth over the U.S. border Americans became a significant — but secret and unreported — addition to this body count.

We must understand the true barbarity of that civil war. The vast majority of the deaths were civilians. Most of these murders were perpetrated by Mexican civilians against other Mexican civilians — with farm implements. We have to search this entire century and the entire world to find a similar level of barbarism. It can only be found in central Africa and the tribal violence between the Tutsi’s and the Hutu’s.

Today, there are civil wars raging in a dozen Mexican states. Mexico is dying — drowning in its own citizen’s blood. Mexico’s future can only be 1930’s style Chinese Warlordism — but these warlords will also be drug lords.

It’s just a matter of time.

Along the western fifty miles of our southern border, Mexico’s violent convulsions and terror slam into America’s only defense — The Wall — and then over the top and into the soft unprotected underbelly of America.

The border is unguarded and open. More than 400,000 illegal aliens are captured someplace along The Wall each year.

Along just the first five miles of The Wall — in what the Border Patrol calls the Imperial Beach sector — there were more than 118,000 illegal aliens captured by Border Patrol agents in one recent year alone. These criminals are wriggling like rattlesnakes toward the bright lights of downtown San Diego.

But this 118,000 number was a fraud. To keep the number even this low the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service — using California National Guard vehicles and drivers — sends tens of thousands of captured illegals far to the east so that they can be entered into the statistics as having been apprehended far outside San Diego’s City limits.

Mexico is moving to the United States en masse. Even eighteen wheel semi-trucks are now being used to ship a hundred Mexican illegal aliens at a time into the United States. Over just a weekend 417 illegal aliens were caught being shipped by semi-truck into the United States. One load had 107 illegals, another had 133 and another had 177. These are just the trucks that looked suspicious enough to be stopped. The true magnitude of this wanton truck stampede from Mexico to the United States is completely unknown.

Anyone who thinks that a “Romantic Mexico” actually exists is delusional. We have all heard the story about how Mexican “border towns” are bad — but that you can experience the real Mexico by going deep into the warm, dusty, easy-paced interior. It’s just not true. Every Mexican city of any size is a pit of poverty, drugs, assaults and murder.

The secret to the Mexican’s brutality and violence is population density. As soon as there is a modicum of infrastructure to support a non-agrarian lifestyle — which allows the Mexican to settle into dense pockets — the Mexican returns to his violent roots.

It is not a border or “border town” problem. It is a Mexican problem — too many Mexicans in one area and there is violence. This is true in their enclaves in America as well as in Mexico itself. Mexico City, Monterey, Veracruz, Acapulco, Guadalajara (where Mexicans even machine gunned a Cardinal of the Catholic Church) and Tijuana are all awash in blood.

In Tijuana there are — on average — six murders of policemen each year. Recently, this statistic included the assassination of Federico Benitez Lopez — Tijuana’s Chief of Police.

On just one average day in Tijuana there were three completely unrelated acts of extreme violence: two gun battle / bank robberies — one in the fashionable “Zona Rio” area of town and another in the La Mesa commercial district plus a shoot out right at the U.S. / Mexican border between two Tijuana policemen (Antonio Garcia and David Cruz) and three gunmen. The policemen died.

Certainly, even the Mexicans do not enjoy living in a world of such violence — so they come here!

Every night more than four thousand Mexican campesinos clamber over The Wall’s steel plates and barbed wire to invade America. And every night more than a thousand of them are captured someplace along this fifty mile length of steel. Many of these illegals are then imprisoned for crimes that they had committed on their previous runs into America. Most of the remainder are simply returned to Mexico. Those who are returned just rest and cross again.

The four thousand Mexicans who clamber over The Wall are not the only Mexicans invading America every night. The U.S. border with Mexico is 1,945 miles long. This northbound stampede occurs along the entire border.

To the north of The Wall lies San Diego, California — the sixth largest city in the United States. To the south of The Wall lies Tijuana, Baja California — the third largest city in Mexico. Because of this collision of populations the United States has built a barrier to slow the inexorable northward migration — The Wall.

Along The Wall itself — in what the Mexicans call “La tierra de nadie” or “no man’s land” — an area governed by no one — the true natural barbarity of the Mexican people is given free reign. It is there, in the shadows of The Wall and within sight of San Diego’s skyline and Civilization itself that the Mexican rapes, robs and murders his own kind. And it is done night after night after night.

There are constant shoot-outs along the border between the U.S. Border Patrol and Mexicans. The rules of engagement require that the Mexican shoot first before the U.S. agent can respond. In one recent engagement two Border Patrol agents expended more than 60 rounds in a fire-fight with Mexicans. In another, an agent was shot twice while he sat in his car.

The murder rate for the City of San Diego is available to anyone willing to seek it out in the mountains of police information recorded each year. It is also available — recorded on a monthly basis to make the reality harder to discern — at “http://www.sannet.gov/police/sdpdhome.html”. One of the worst Negro areas of San Diego — “Valencia Park” — has 0.47 murders for each 1,000 residents — or one chance in 2,127 of dying violently in the area. Otay Mesa, home of The Wall — has 3.72 murders per 1,000 residents. Along this part of the U.S. / Mexican border in any given year you have better than one chance in 269 of waking up dead. Otay Mesa has a higher murder count than most northern European countries. There is no way of knowing how many more of the dead and dying are taken south across The Wall and back into Mexico — never to show on U.S. crime statistics. The numbers of rapes along The Wall are in the thousands and even more are never reported — because a report means U.S. Border Patrol involvement and deportation of the victim.

Thousands of the illegal aliens who are wounded in this perpetual bloodbath and too enfeebled to escape are carried to American hospitals for emergency care and are nurtured back to health at American taxpayer expense.

The U.S. government throws the expense for treating illegals onto local communities by refusing to arrest the wounded — allowing them instead to be eventually discharged from the city’s hospitals and often right back onto America’s streets.

The hospitals have no one to bill for treatment and must add the costs to those of patients who do pay their bills. This is a conscious act of the U.S. Border Patrol — their standard operating procedures demand that they, if at all possible, avoid obligating the federal government for any illegal’s medical care.

The hospitals are not innocent. The government lets the hospital get paid for these “services to the indigent” by adding them to the bills of anyone who does pay. Thus the hospitals profit from the scam — and most even have outside consultants on their payrolls to help the “indigent” qualify for some government program.

Don’t think that illegals are mistreated if they finally are imprisoned. California spends about $4,000 a year just on medical care for each prisoner. The feds spend even more. How much do you spend on your own personal medical care every year?

Tijuana is the site of more legal (and illegal) international border ground-crossings per day than any other place on earth.

Tijuana is acknowledged as the world’s biggest migrant camp. Campesinos from all over Mexico and Central America come to Tijuana and build their own cardboard colonies while waiting for a chance to invade America. Some of these colonies limit their residents to villagers from a distinct region. This allows the residents to pass their cardboard homesites on to successive waves of their own villagers. These “colonias” are not small. Some have as many as 150,000 residents.

The largest of the “colonias” occupies a triangle of land five miles on a side. To the west is the United States Border Checkpoint and its monstrous 24 lanes of cars slowly edging forward to cross into the United States. To the north is The Wall. To the east is Tijuana’s Abelardo Rodriguez International Airport. To the south the “colonia” melts into the gray-brown dirt of Tijuana itself.

This “colonia” is the most squalid and dangerous place in all of Baja California. To the United States Border Patrol the area is called “E1”. To its residents it is called “Colonia Libertad”.

It was born in the depths of the American depression — when the United States Government decided that American jobs should be reserved for Americans. In 1934, Mexican nationals were scooped onto trains and pushed out of California and back into Mexico. The U.S. government paid the Southern Pacific Railway $14.70 for each Mexican they dumped over the Mexican border. Don’t think that these Mexicans were getting the “bum’s rush” either. For the average American of 1934 this was more than two days pay.

More than one half million Mexicans were sent deep into Mexico — far south of Mexico’s barren and arid desert states — to discourage their return. Others were simply pushed back over the border and into Tijuana. Some of the Mexicans forced back over the border near Tijuana purchased land on a hillside to the east of Tijuana’s downtown business district. The lots were 18 by 50 meters and cost 75 pesos. Colonia Libertad was born.

After more than sixty years of Mexican style “development” Colonia Libertad still has no running water and no sewer lines.

There is no better place in all of Mexico to see what sub-species of humanity America’s welfare state attracts. These people are so violent that they attack every sign of authority. Tijuana police cars entering the colonia are even stopped, rolled over and set on fire. Tijuana police — wearing double-thick Kevlar vests and military style helmets — now travel the area on dirt bikes — vehicles maneuverable enough to escape most ambushes and attacks.

The people of Mexico have been told how the Norte Americanos have stolen their country’s land and wealth. For all the years of their schooling their teachers repeat the stories of how Mexico has the right to reclaim its land. They have been told of how their brothers and sisters were winning the battle and that they soon would take back California, Arizona and New Mexico. And that it was all being done one small step at a time.

And the truth is that they really are doing it.

First there is U.S. citizenship for any Mexican child born in any American hospital of an illegal alien mother (and in Los Angeles County 66% of all births are to illegal alien mothers). The average Mexican woman averaged 6.8 children in 1970 and although this number is believed to have dropped since then it remains a bio-bomb of cataclysmic proportions. Honduran females today average 5.2 children, Guatemalans 5.1 children. Demographers describe the average of 2.1 children per woman as the ideal “replacement level” — the point where births equal deaths. The birth rate for White females in the United States is about 1.3. America’s hospitals are incubators for the seeds of America’s demise — funded by the U.S. taxpayer.

Then there is free housing and free food. And then free medical care beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Million dollar heart transplants are free in America — and yes, foreigners from Mexico or even Iran are given priority over Americans. This sometimes means the death of Americans who have to wait as foreigners are put at the front of the line. Impossible? Incredible? It happens almost every day. There have been well publicized hearings on the matter but nothing is done.

These children born to illegal alien mothers are immediately eligible for Aid To Families With Dependent Children — AFDC. Illegal alien mothers can and do receive even $2,000 a month in benefits — it depends upon how many U.S. citizen children she had spawned.

San Diego has tried to force these illegal alien mothers to perform some kind of work to get this money. The illegal’s present Modus Operandi is to have the checks mailed to a U.S. Post Office box at the border and have someone collect the checks for them. In Mexico she can live like a queen on $2,000 a month.

San Diego has also discovered that trying to make these illegals work for their $2,000 is a federal crime! It is illegal to hire an illegal alien — so making these illegal aliens work for their welfare money is thus — illegal.

And then there is free schooling for Mexican children — they simply cross the border in broad daylight and even take America’s bright yellow school buses to America’s schools. Nearly a dozen yellow school buses line up at the Tecate border crossing point every school day morning to pick up Mexican nationals crossing the border and then take them to American schools.

It is a federal offense to even try remove illegal aliens from the schools (US Supreme Court decision in Plyler vs. Doe). In one well publicized San Diego case two illegal alien high schoolers went on a school sponsored trip south of the border to Tijuana’s Colonia Panamericana. On their return the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service refused them re-entry to the United States. Their “plight” was publicized in major newspapers.

The two illegals “somehow” then returned to high school classes in America. The Vista High School legal position was: “The high school must welcome the undocumented students even if they are well-publicized fugitives from the INS”.

Vista High School was acknowledged as one of the finest in the nation — a National Blue Ribbon School. American children are refused access to this school (and others like it) because the seats that would be theirs are already being filled by illegals.

To educate these Mexican children in Spanish, America’s schools spend millions of American tax dollars to buy textbooks from the Republic of Mexico — more than 73,000 textbooks a year. And again, these are Mexican textbooks — reinforcing the cry to liberate the southwestern American states and to return these lands to Mexico.

With all of this funding and coddling one might think that Mexican children would be at the top of their grade level. Not true. While they make up more than 50% of the students in San Diego’s schools they do poorly. More than 80% are “D” students or lower. More than 40% drop out before high school graduation. San Diego practices “social promotion” — a student is moved to the next higher grade level whether he passed or not. The only way one of these “students” won’t graduate is if he doesn’t wait around for his diploma.

There is much more to this catastrophe than meets the eye. California schools use a special system to set the levels of education expected at each school. This process is called “Expectancy Banding”. The band goes from 0 to 100%. A school swarming with Hispanics or welfare children is fitted into a lower “Expectancy Band” than a school in a White neighborhood. A school in a White area would be set at near 100%. Schools where Mexicans predominate are set at a median of 30%. This means that a Mexican child need learn less than one third of the information and skills learned by a White child to receive an “A” grade at their school — and they aren’t even doing that.

Mexican children — to get a “D” — are learning about a third of what’s required to get an “A” at even their own school yet drop out because they are despondent over their learning difficulties or are just plain uninterested.

But remember that it would be only a slight oversimplification to say that in 80% of these cases the Mexican children — taught in their native language and using their native textbooks — are performing at one-ninth the level of Whites and yet 40% drop out because school is still just too difficult for them.

In some of these American schools American students are not allowed to sing “America The Beautiful” because it might be “insensitive to the Hispanic students”. In many of the schools the “Pledge of Allegiance” is effectively banned.

In most parts of California you can register to vote even if you can’t speak English. And it is illegal for the clerk to ask for proof of citizenship.

When a California Congressman went onto the floor of Congress and called Bill Clinton a traitor “who had given aid and comfort to the enemy … during the Vietnam War” this Congressman was targeted by Clinton’s political machine. In 1996 sufficient illegal aliens were registered in the Congressman’s district to vote him out of office (by a very narrow margin). The effort was funded by a 28 million dollar federal grant to help resident aliens with their immigration papers.

Mexico’s presidential elections were marred on March 23, 1994 by the Tijuana assassination of Mexico’s contending presidential candidate Sr. Luis Denaldo Colosio. The assassin finally convicted of the crime was Mario Alburto Martinez. It was subsequently discovered that Mr. Martinez — Mexican National — was fully registered to vote in Los Angeles, California, USA, in all of the local, state and U.S. elections.

The American media call even people like Mr. Martinez “undocumented workers”, or “undocumented immigrants”. The term “Illegal Alien” is considered so racist that it cannot be used even by the police. Yet Mr. Martinez and all those of his kind have a name for themselves — “Los ilegales” — The Illegal Men.

The final destination for many of these illegal aliens is the huge Mexican colonia in south central Los Angeles — which has become the second largest “Mexican” city in the world — second only to Mexico City itself. And this populous new Mexican city is in California — in the United States of America.

The streets of Los Angeles were once clean and the buildings white. Today, the streets are littered with trash, broken bottles and squalid children and the buildings are covered in graffiti.

The Mexican colonia in Los Angeles is a very violent place. There is at least one murder in this colonia every night. It is so violent that even weddings are dangerous and about once a year a wedding in the colonia is marred by a drunken fight that ends in murder.

California prison statistics demonstrate the true nature of the Mexican. While Negroes make up the majority of California’s violent inmates the singularly most violent inmates are Mexican.

California’s prisons function in a hierarchy of increasing security (and violence). At the bottom are the various probation department run “Honor Camps” and at the very top is one of the most secure prisons in the United States of America — the Pelican Bay SHU.

Just a few miles south of the California/Oregon border near the small town of Crescent City lies the remote Pelican Bay State Prison. This prison is home to more than 3,700 hard-core criminals. Deep within this prison and isolated within multiple sets of razor ribbon topped climb-proof chain link fences is another prison — the Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit or SHU. Since its opening in December of 1989, it is here that California sends many of its most violent criminals. Within the closely guarded walls of this high- security prison-within-a-prison are more than 1,550 of California’s most despicable felons. Warden Robert L. Ayers Jr. is in command.

Only prisoners with a history of violence while incarcerated — including those who have attacked a guard causing serious injury or who have assaulted or murdered a fellow prisoner — are sent to the Pelican Bay SHU.

No communication is allowed between prisoners as they are moved through the prison. All prisoners are manacled hand and foot before being moved anywhere outside of their cell. When these prisoners are moved they are escorted by two guards — each in full battle dress of steel plate reinforced bullet proof vest and black Kevlar helmet with face shield. There is no common exercise period or meal time. Each prisoner gets 90 minutes of exercise a day — alone or with their cell partner if they have one.

It is in Pelican Bay and through this “demographic filter” that we can measure the relative violence of various races. Mexicans make up the majority of the SHU’s inmates with Negroes second and Whites following far, far behind.

If we review the transcripts from one of the largest crime trials in Los Angeles history — in the court of U.S. District Judge Ronald Lew — we discover how violent and pervasive the Mexican is in our prison system. Thirteen Mexicans were tried on charges of killing or trying to kill 22 people.

Much of the Mexican gang population in the U.S. operates under the name “La Eme” — which is the Mexican phonetic pronunciation of “M” for mafia. La Eme was formed by illegal aliens held in California prisons — to create what they described as “the gang of gangs”. When out on the streets they call themselves “carnales” — which is a street-wise term for brothers.

What should be of keen interest is the fact that most of U.S. District Judge Ronald Lew’s “defendants” were already in prison and some were in for life terms. Most had spent an average of only six months on the streets before again perpetrating some crime, being re-arrested and returned to prison.

Part of the trial concerned these prisoner’s extortion racket. Although ensconced even in the Pelican Bay SHU these entrepreneurs forced drug dealers out on the street to pay a percentage of their gross revenues to the prisoners behind the wire. Because, not if — but when — these dealers were arrested they would then have prepaid for various services within prison — such as not being murdered.

There are tens of thousands of “carnales” on the streets of America.

There are thousands of Mexican gangs scattered all over the US. One is the “Eighteenth Street Gang” of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department admits that this gang has more than 9,000 local members and that it controls a sizable portion of south central Los Angeles. The gang members are not only responsible for hundreds of drive-by shootings, tens of thousands of acts of property damage and over a hundred murders, but the gang has become so bold that the members block traffic on the streets of Los Angeles for hours at a time and extort money from drivers — a “transit tax”. One of the gang’s most popular acts of defiance is massed public urination.

The 300 “Eighteenth Street Gang” members of just the half square mile area of Los Angeles called Pico-Union kill about three people a month. What’s worse, according to Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Lisa Fox, is that they use radio scanners to listen in on 911 calls and threaten to (or actually do) kill those who report crime to the police.

These “people” are all talk when compared to the Mexicans of Mar Vista — a tiny neighborhood near the adjacent Los Angeles city of Venice. There, gangs wounded more than 20 and killed six in just one month.

Then there is the “Avenues” gang of Los Angeles. Three members of this gang — Messrs. Rodriguez, Rosales and Gomez — were recently convicted on five counts of attempted murder in the death of a three year old blond-haired blue-eyed infant that they slaughtered with volleys of gunfire as the child’s parents made a wrong turn off a freeway and into the gang’s Los Angeles turf.

We all are aware of the terrible civil strife in Northern Ireland. Almost every week we hear of new atrocities and murders plaguing that land. The total number of deaths over the last 20 years from all the strife in all of Ireland is only 3,000. In those same 20 years more than 7,000 people have been killed by Mexicans in south central Los Angeles alone.

The magnitude of the Mexican crime plague in Los Angeles is a well guarded secret.

What is admitted by police is that more than 13 percent of all felons being sought in Los Angeles are known to have escaped the United States and fled to Mexico.

American police have no authority in Mexico. Barbara J. Moore, chief of extradition services for the Los Angeles district attorney has said:

“I’ve never extradited anybody from Mexico. Mexico wouldn’t give up their nationals.”

We must understand that this level of violence is simply part of a larger plan to retake all of the lands Mexico lost through conquest. The plan is set forth in the “El Plan De Aztlan” — a document that can be easily described as the Mexican manifesto for the return of these lands:

In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal “Gringo” invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlan from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility and our inevitable destiny.

We do not recognize capricious frontiers on the bronze continent.

Brotherhood unites us, and love for our brothers makes us a people whose time has come and who struggles against the foreigner “gabacho” who exploits our riches and destroys our culture. Before all of our brothers in the bronze continent, we are a nation, we are a union of free publos, we are Aztlan.

Nationalism is the key. Nationalism is the common denominator.

Economic control of our lives and our communities can only come about by driving the exploiter out of our communities, our pueblos, and our lands.

Cultural background and values which ignore materialism and embrace humanism will contribute to the act of cooperative buying and the distribution of resources and production. Land and realty will be acquired by the community for the people’s welfare.

The three steps of their plan are:

1. “Self defense” against the occupying forces of the oppressors at every public school.

2. Community nationalization and organization of all Chicanos.

3. An autonomous nation.

This information is widely available on the Internet. It should be interesting to note that one of the larger repositories of such information is a Web Site sponsored by the University of California at Riverside.

Much of this activity can also be traced to the Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. In their California State Report CT-2, Section 12586, California Code, the bulk of their funding is documented as coming from a single source — the Mexican Government.

A frequently seen bumper sticker on cars leaving the Mexican areas of Los Angeles is simply the word “AZTLAN” in four inch high letters and printed in black on a white background.

The Aztec is retaking his lands and wealth. And he is doing it with the gun — one house, one street and one neighborhood at a time.

More than 87 percent of people of Mexican decent now residing in the United States are not U.S. citizens — holding instead resident alien status or illegal alien status. In addition, the largest immigrant group of all the immigrant groups in the United States are Mexicans under the age of four.

America was built by a Christian people who were expected to fear a Higher Power. The Aztec fears no one and America pays the price.

Everywhere the Mexican goes he creates another Mexico — with the same dirt and violence and poverty. It is a standing joke in Mexico City: “You gringos took half of Mexico in your war with us in 1848! We’re still pissed! You took the half with the roads!”

Mexico City is the only city in the world where dried particles of human feces float in the air like brown snow.

The Mexican people carry within them the blood of the Aztec — a culture, a race, that has bred a thousand years of warriors. The Aztec considered themselves a race of “Chosen People” and a “Cosmic Race” and had little regard for their neighbors.

To the Aztec other people were merely cattle to be sacrificed and eaten. The Aztec were so barbarous that their conquered neighbors sent yearly tribute without even being asked and the Aztec maintained no garrisons among conquered tribes.

As with other “Chosen People” they spent sixty years wandering in the desert before reaching their holy land in the year 1311 — a swampy area that is now called Mexico City. To the Aztec this new land was the “Fifth World”.

The Aztec also took special pride in their relationship with cacti. The barrel cactus was often used as an impromptu altar when ripping out a victim’s heart. Being stripped naked and then thrust onto a cactus with 5,000 inch-long spikes was traumatic. The victim was actually immobilized by the excruciating pain and death brought relief. The Aztec’s special relationship with Cacti can be seen emblazoned in gold at the center of Mexico’s flag today.

When the Conquistadors arrived in what we today call Mexico they described it as a “land awash in blood”. It was so barbarous a place that Cortez sent messages to Spain asking for priests to come and bring Christ to the natives.

The Aztec captured the early Conquistadors and tied them up and cut off their limbs one at a time and then cooked the meat and ate it. And the Conquistador — bound to a stake — could smell his body being cooked and then watch his body being greedily consumed. And whether he had bled to death or not when they were done with his limbs the Aztec would cut out his heart and eat it too.

To the Aztec, human sacrifice to the god Huitzilopochtli was an essential part of everyday life. Usually the victim was held face up and spread-eagle’d over a round stone — so that his body was arched. His limbs were held by four priests. The fifth priest sliced under the rib cage with an obsidian knife and then ripped out the still-beating heart.

The third son of Moctezuma — Ahuitzotl (Water Dog) dedicated a new temple to the god Huitzilopochtli in 1487. The ceremony lasted four days. The victims to be sacrificed were lined in four columns — each column stretching three miles. At least 20,000 hearts were torn out during this one ceremony alone. The ceremony was only brought to a halt when the knife-wielding priests collapsed from exhaustion.

When the Aztec ran out of people at home they resorted to “Flowery Wars” (Xochiyoyotl) to capture neighboring tribes as live prisoners to be sacrificed. These wars went on for centuries. The Aztec ceremonially sacrificed a higher percentage of their own people (and their neighbors) every year than were murdered during any similar period of time by Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin.

There were people in Mexico far more barbarous than the Aztecs. The worst were probably the Tarascon. The Tarascon were originally part of the Aztec migration from “Aztlan” but broke off from the group. These people built their capital Tzintzuntzan in what is now Mexico’s state of Michoacan. When Moctezuma’s third son Axayacatl attacked with an army of 24,000 only 4,000 escaped the Tarascon. The Tarascon ripped the heads from the 20,000 living and dead and fermented them in a huge stone bowl at the center of their great citadel. What they did with the fermented juice is anyone’s nightmare.

The foods of the Aztec live on. One popular Michoacan dish uses the Amaranth plant. Amaranth — which is higher in protein than rice and tastes better than broccoli — is wrapped tightly with cheese then battered and deep fried. During Aztec times the spongy green plant became popular for its ability to absorb great quantities of human blood.

In fact, Amaranth was the second food outlawed by the Spanish. The first was human bodies.

In 1942 — in one of the largest mass arrests and trials in American history — 600 Mexicans were held for murder in Los Angeles, California. The Los Angeles Examiner described the defendants as “pillaging rapists”. During the trial the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department expert testified: “Total disregard for human life has always been universal throughout the Americas. And this Mexican element feels the desire to kill.”

The land of the Aztec may truly have been a bloody and brutal ant hill but no worse than other great societies in man’s history on earth. The Sumerians of 3,500 BC were probably no better. We must remember that the Sumerians also fell. Their civilization lasted only 1,200 years — until 2,300 BC. It is our good fortune that the people of what was Sumeria have carried only small bits of their violent human inheritance to the present day. Most of the incredible violence of these people has been bred out of them — but not all.

The Aztec, however, remain to this day a barbarous people — unchanged from their roots of 1,500 AD and they remain at the point on the scale of human developmental where the Sumerians’s spilled their victim’s blood into the sands of the Lavant almost 4,000 years ago.

We must also realize that the barbarity of the Aztec truly is a natural part of our own Native American population as well.

This very same Aztec barbarity was practiced by nearly all of the Indian tribes throughout North and Middle America. For example, American Plains Indian women would search the battlefields after battles between tribes and hack the arms, legs and head from the victims and carry these pieces back to the village to be tossed in the air by them during victory dances. This is what happened to the Seventh Cavalry and to General George Armstrong Custer at a place the Indians called “Greasy River” — also known as “The Little Big Horn”.

The Spaniard’s introduction of the horse to this continent — and its availability to the Plains Indians of North America by the early 1700’s — caused a massive increase in the general level of barbarity among the North American Indian tribes. The Indians could now raid the villages of their enemies far and wide — and they did.

We have all heard of the massive western migration of the “evil white man” and his destruction of the Indian. But we are never told of the terrible atrocities committed in the name of expansion that were regularly perpetrated by Native Americans against other Native Americans before the white man even appeared on the scene.

Again, thanks to this new weapon — the horse — the Mandan, Pawnee, Lakota, Arapaho, Crow tribes, and others — battled across most of the North American continent killing the men, women and children of every tribe in their path.

The name “Sioux” — although a French word — was given the Lakota tribe by the other tribes in the area — it means “cutthroat”.

One can consider the horse as the 18th and 19th century equivalent of today’s “assault rifle” in its ability to greatly amplify the murderous natural instincts of a human subspecies — in this case the American Indian.

The first horses fell into Indian hands in 1690 when a Spanish mission in what is now New Mexico was sacked by Indians and more than 365 white men, women and children were murdered — and more than 100 horses stolen. Those Indian marauders then bartered the horses taken during this raid for slaves (yes, slavery was rampant in the Indian’s America — then and for a thousand years before the white man) and the horse quickly spread as far as what are now the Dakotas.

The horse also enabled the Indian to have a monstrously destructive effect on the plain’s buffalo population. No longer was the Indian limited in his killing of man and beast to what he could accomplish on foot. Now it could be wholesale slaughter from horseback. We all have seen the images of the “heroic savage” shooting a buffalo from horseback and using a bow and arrow. In reality the Indians would ride into a herd and stampede a large segment of it into a ditch or even over a cliff.

And it was only the pandemics of cholera, small pox and measles that winnowed the Indian populations sufficiently to save the buffalo from utter destruction at the Indian’s hands — fifty years before the railroads and the White Man crossed the great plains.

We must also understand clearly that it was not the White Man that brought these pandemics to the interior of America — these diseases were carried by marauding Indians as they fought their wars of conquest from village to village to village — from the “European” eastern seaboard all the way to and then over the Continental Divide.

Certainly, the White Man did carry new diseases to the New World but it was the Indian and almost exclusively the marauding Indian that carried them throughout the continent during the Indian’s own wars for territory, conquest and slaves.

Much of the modern “romantic ideal” of the American Indian has come from the 1970’s era “New Age” books of Carlos Castaneda and his Yaqui shaman Don Juan who used hard drugs to connect himself to mystic visions. Others have found profit in the Indian — Hyemeyohsts Storm (a.k.a. Charles Adam Storm) has sold hundreds of thousands — if not over a million — books including “Seven Arrows”. There are dozens of publishers across this entire nation that are feeding this hunger for Indian lore. Bear & Company of Santa Fe, NM is one of the largest.

“The New World Order” has capitalized on this phenomenon with their own “New Age” retreats and motion pictures including “Dances With Wolves”. Their intent is certainly to use every tool at their disposal to destroy Christian beliefs and foist on us the terrible fiction that we are all loving, caring, feeling — that we are all one.

Have American Indians actually changed?


The media portrays the Navaho as a tribe of simple, passive natives — victims of the evil White Man — and certainly these Indians are known for raising sheep, creating pottery, rugs and handmade jewelry. Let’s take a close look at the Kayenta Navaho Indians of Monument Valley — a place often used for western movies seen around the world (e.g. “Stagecoach, My Darling Clementine, The Searchers”).

The Navahos call the area “Hozhon” which means harmony. The Navahos think of their land as the Fifth World — where Adam and Eve created “The Four Sacred Mountains”. One of these mountains is “Dzil Dotlizi” or The Turquoise Mountain. In the shadow of Dzil Dotlizi is the Navaho Reservation at Kayenta, Arizona.

Kayenta, Arizona is at the intersections of state highways 160 and 191. With a population of 15,700 people there are 27,000 reported arrests each year. The reservation has six jails — more than most American cities of 500,000. The murder rate on the reservation is reported as five times the murder rate of neighboring counties and several times America’s barbarous national average.

Are their police any better? Not really. The reservation police are also Navahos. In the last nine years three police officers were reported to have been killed on the job, another committed suicide and yet another was convicted of killing his wife.

These statistics were recently “skewed” upward when in one week on this reservation there were two fatal “accidents”, plus one suicide and five other people were reported murdered.

Again, this is in a community of 15,000 people.

Because America’s Indian Reservations are considered sovereign nations they are not obligated to report any information to outside authorities and they have every reason to report the lowest possible numbers.

The Navaho came to this part of America from Mexico in about 1250 AD. The cave dwellings dug into the cliffs of our southwest are grim evidence of the arrival of these Indian butchers from the south. In 1250 AD the Four Corners area was populated by Hopi Indians. They were attacked by marauders time and time again. The Hopi’s only defense was to build nearly inaccessible fortresses on the sides of cliffs and on the tops of flat mesas. Life in these tiny refuges was snuffed out one settlement at a time. Usually the marauders would bash in the heads of every man woman and child they found. Many of the fortresses remain untouched even today — with the skeletons of the victims still where they dropped to the ground and died seven hundred years ago. The Hopi abandoned the area in about 1300 AD.

These marauders came from far to the south and are the very same people we today call Mexicans.

And now these marauders are returning to America — by the millions.

The Mexican assault on America is blatant, bloody and continuous. The Calexico, California Border Checkpoint is a good example: It had a drug-crazed Mexican-involved shootout with U.S. Border Patrolmen inside their office, a bomb, and a 100 mile high speed chase all in one day. The Mexican shot one Border Agent in the face and another in the chest before being killed in a hail of gunfire. The bomb was in the pedestrian tunnel providing passage between Mexico and the United States. The pickup truck carrying 17 illegals plus a driver crashed through the border checkpoint and then raced from Calexico to south central Los Angeles before running out of gas. There, the cargo of illegals ran in all directions like beetles from under a rock and most were never caught.

All of this was during a single eight hour shift at the Calexico, California border crossing.

This Mexican invasion and its terrible toll is America’s best kept secret.

Although this invasion has gone on for years nothing is done. Americans live in a country controlled by “One Worlders” — people who do not believe in borders.

Things have not always been this way.

In the spring of 1916, American troops along our southwest frontier had been alerted to the possibility of raiders coming out of the arid wastes of northern Mexico. There were few roads in that part of Mexico. Everything had to come by train — even Pancho Villa.

In the early morning hours of March 9th, 1916, Mexican campesinos under the command of the Great Mexican Hero — Senior Doroteo Aranga — better known as Francisco “Pancho” Villa — came across the border at Columbus, NM, shot up the town and killed a handful of Americans. According to “High Times” magazine, there is documentary evidence that Pancho Villa’s army was spurred on to new heights of barbarism — and the brutal massacre of these poor American men, women and children — through unrestrained use of hallucinogenic drugs.

The U.S. Army had rejected all of the world’s best machine guns — the Maxim, the Hotchkiss, the Browning Medium Machine gun, the Browning Automatic Rifle and the Vickers. Instead the Army had selected the 1909 Benét-Mercié. The co-inventor of this piece of trash — Benét — was related to the former head of U.S. Army Ordnance. The Benét-Mercié does not use belts of ammunition but instead depends upon its operator’s timely insertion of stripper clips. The gun crew must be well trained or the gun will jam. Operating the gun in the dark requires an expert crew — which was something not present in Columbus, New Mexico in 1916. Pancho Villa struck just before daybreak. The U.S. Army was essentially unarmed.

That single incursion of American territory was enough for Americans to force even the limp-wrist’d dreamer — President Woodrow Wilson — to take action. He called out the U.S. Army.

Within seven days, the United States Army was on the move to kill these murderers and avenge the deaths of American men, women and children.

General John Pershing (assisted by George Patton) acted quickly and amassed more than 150,000 troops to guard America’s southwestern border and to fight Villa. This was the largest troop concentration in the United States since the Civil War. Pershing then took eight thousand cavalry troops into Mexico and chased the Mexican criminals around for eleven months. As soon as Pershing seemed to be gaining the upper hand Wilson called off the mission — and pushed the United States in World War One.

But again, Villa attacked on March 9, 1916, and within seven days America was on the move to exterminate these psychopathic vermin. In seven days Pershing mounted what was to be the largest unified cavalry force in American history. It was also to be the very last massed cavalry action of the United States Army.

The hatred and calls for vengeance provoked by the Mexican’s barbarous acts of 1916 cannot be adequately described today. This attack on American soil certainly caused more of a reaction among the American people than did any propaganda about World War One. It can only be compared to the reaction Americans had to the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor.

The loss of life caused by those Mexicans of 1916 is literally a daily occurrence at the hands of Mexican illegal aliens in America today and yet nothing is done.

John Huston’s movie “The Treasure of The Sierra Madre” with Humphrey Bogart was adapted from Berwick Traven Torsvan’s book about Pancho Villa and the gold he stole from the United States and buried in the arid Sierra Madre mountains.

Certainly the most famous lines from that motion picture are Alfonso Bedoya’s — who plays a mass murderer: “We are the Federales. You know, the Mounted Police. Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking badges.”

Those lines now come from the mouths of U.S. federal agents as they terrify Americans into surrendering our lands and freedom and literally open our borders to murdering Mexican psychopaths. Times have certainly changed.

Oh, and Columbus, New Mexico, site of the Mexican invasion and wanton murder of Americans? The city nearly went bankrupt in 1996 from the court mandated costs of educating illegal alien Mexican children.

Mexican illegal aliens have a name for themselves — “Reconquistas” — the re-Conquerors. They are retaking their lands and returning them to a level of barbarity not seen for nearly five hundred years. Their symbol is an image of the original American flag — with thirteen stars. This flag is used by them to signify how they intend to push the “gringos” back to the original thirteen states. Over this flag they place the word “Cuidadania” which means citizenship. It is through American citizenship that they will become permanent conquerors of these lands.

The situation is grave and our greatest threat comes from the south.